CBS News has learned that Sony is likely to launch a new generation of consoles this year.

While Sony has yet to officially announce the new systems, it is expected to unveil a new console, or variants, later this year that will launch in 2020.

While it may be difficult to gauge exactly when Sony will launch its new consoles, it seems clear that the new generation will include a larger form factor, and that the company will also be moving toward a “quad-core” processor architecture.

This is the technology that is being used by Intel, the CPU maker that is widely considered the most powerful processor in the world.

While we have not yet seen a formal list of the components that Sony will be using in its new PlayStation 5, we know that the console will be equipped with a number of components that are known to be on the market, and will be based on the CPU architecture.

While the CPU is the main reason Sony is using a quad-core processor architecture, the company has also been looking to upgrade its video game console hardware, according to industry insiders.

According to several sources, the console that Sony plans to unveil this year is likely going to have a new GPU, a GPU that is also known as a “next-generation compute unit” or GPU.

The first thing that gamers will be able to expect with the new console will not be the graphical prowess of the new GPU.

While the new PS5 will feature a “Quad-Core Processor” in the form of a GPU, this GPU will not feature a CPU.

Rather, it will feature an 8-core “hyper-threading” GPU.

While this is the first time we have heard that the next generation of PlayStation 5 is going to be equipped by a quad core GPU, we already know that there will be two versions of the next-generation PlayStation 5: one that will be called the PS5 Pro and the other, the PS4 Pro.

According to industry sources, this new generation PS5 may have an 8K display, but this is not something that will come with the console itself.

Instead, this console will feature 8K gaming panels.

The next-gen PS5 is also expected to feature an improved HDMI 2.0b port, which will allow for 4K streaming.

The HDMI 2 and the 4K HDMI ports on the PS3 Pro are similar in functionality.

The PS4, which launched in 2013, had the same HDMI 2 port, but it was a much smaller size and a much slower connection speed.

However, there are reports that Sony has made some progress in the development of the PS Vita 4K display and PS3 port.

This is the second year that Sony released a new PlayStation console, and the first year that the PSVR is coming to the PlayStation 4.

While it is unclear if the PlayStation VR will be compatible with the PS 5, it could be the first PS VR headset that the PlayStation 5 will be capable of supporting.

While Sony has not announced its next-year PlayStation, the first generation of the PlayStation is expected for 2019, and it is also likely that the first PlayStation 5 would be announced in 2019.

While we do not know what new hardware Sony will unveil for the PlayStation, it appears that the current generation of PS5 and PS4 will have some of the same components as the current console.

Sony is also rumored to be working on a new “digital TV” to replace the existing “digital cinema experience” that was the PlayStation Cinema.

Sony has been working on this new digital television, and there are rumors that Sony might be developing it with a new gaming platform.

However, this “digital entertainment” system will not have the ability to display live-action movies on-screen.

Sony is also reportedly working on an app that will allow users to view a list of films on their smartphone, rather than their TV.

The Sony PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 are expected to launch this year, and we will be following Sony’s announcements.

Stay tuned to CNET for all the latest news from Sony.

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