With the iPad still in the early days of its life cycle, the question of what it’s really all about has yet to be answered.

There’s no obvious way of defining what an iPad is.

The iPad’s defining feature, the keyboard, has remained a mystery.

The iPhone, on the other hand, has a lot of the same features, but with a touchscreen.

How does that relate to the iPad?

The answer is, of course, both.

Both have the same iPad keyboard.

They have the screen size and the battery life, the same connectivity options, and the same screen resolution.

So, while the iPad might have been more like a laptop, the iPhone was more like an iPad Pro.

What makes this difference?

As the iPhone is still in its infancy, the iPad has been more or less in constant flux.

Its strengths are clear.

It’s a smaller screen, with a smaller battery, and it’s more powerful.

The screen itself is thinner, but it’s also thinner and lighter, so it doesn’t feel as bulky.

Its design, too, is less refined than the iPhone.

The Apple Watch is the iPad’s best-known rival, and a huge one at that.

But there’s a key difference between those two devices: the iPad can be used to power multiple iPads simultaneously.

When a third iPad runs out of juice, the Apple Watch can charge them all simultaneously.

That’s where the similarities end.

In a nutshell, an iPad can power two iPad computers simultaneously.

It also has a display, which is bigger than the screen of a MacBook Air, and which is larger than a Surface Pro.

The iPhone, meanwhile, can only power one iPad computer simultaneously.

And if you need to charge an iPad, you need a Mac, and you need an iPad Air.

And then there’s the Apple Pencil, which has an extremely small battery.

In short, it’s the iPad that has more in common with an iPad than it does with a MacBook.

That said, the similarities between the iPad and the iPhone go beyond just design.

Both share the same keyboard, and both share the very same touchscreen.

In some ways, they’re more alike than they are different.

In some ways they’re even more alike.

In many ways, Apple has managed to reinvented the iPad, too.

In the short term, that means that the iPad is likely to be the next-gen iPad, and that Apple will likely release an updated version in 2017.

But in the long term, the two devices could well be just the same.

Both can power a desktop computer, and in many ways they both have similar strengths.

Apple, meanwhile will probably release an upgraded version of the iPad next year, but for now it’s all about what’s in the pipeline.

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