Microsoft’s E3 2017 event is right around the corner, and there’s been plenty of speculation over the last couple of weeks about what the console could look like, and when it will be launched.

With no actual announcement made yet, fans are left to speculate about what Microsoft will announce.

The Xbox One and Xbox X are both expected to launch sometime in 2020.

That would put the Xbox One on track for its 30th birthday, and it would also be the second console in the series after the Xbox 360.

We’re expecting to see an official announcement on March 5th, and that date has been given as the date for a new console refresh. 

While the Xbox 720 was announced in September of 2015, it was almost immediately announced that it was going to be phased out and replaced with the Xbox X, and the Xbox 7.

The only thing that really stood between the two console generations was the Xbox Live Gold subscription, and in October, Microsoft finally announced that they would be dropping the Gold subscription entirely in the next year. 

With that in mind, we’ve been hoping that Microsoft would be able to announce the Xbox 8 Pro and the new Xbox 8 X in the same month.

That’s not happening, but there’s still a chance. 

There are some pretty solid rumors floating around that the Xbox Pro could come out sometime in 2019, or possibly even 2020.

Those rumors are based on the fact that Microsoft is planning to show off its new console at E3, which is on March 4th in Los Angeles, and Microsoft’s new console will be released on March 10th in New York. 

So what can we expect to see at E2 2017? 

The Xbox Pro will likely be shown off at E4, which Microsoft has confirmed will be the date of the next major Microsoft event, the Xbox E3.

There have been rumors that Microsoft might not show off the Xbox 10 Pro at E1, but that hasn’t been confirmed, either.

The console’s price tag is still unknown, and its launch will be pushed back. 

E3 is usually a great time to see new games on the Xbox, and E2 has a lot of major announcements coming up.

If the Xbox lineup looks anything like what we’ve seen in 2017, we can expect a ton of announcements at E9. 

We’ll have more coverage on the new consoles coming up on BleacherReport in the coming weeks. 

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