Google’s developer tool Chrome browser, built on its open source Firefox OS operating system, is able to run tests against WebKit-based browsers to assess performance, security and stability.

The feature, which was originally in beta testing in January, has now been pushed out to a wider set of developers, including Mozilla, Opera and Google.

Mozilla, for example, announced on Tuesday that it will begin testing the feature in the Firefox Developer channel of the Chrome Web Store, where users can buy a Firefox Developer Edition license.

Firefox Developer also includes features such as WebAssembly debugging and the ability to run Web applications in parallel.

The browser’s ability to test its own code will be a boon to developers who want to work with a codebase that can handle high-performance and/or complex web-related tasks.

“The performance and stability of Chrome web apps has improved dramatically in the past year or so, and with this new feature, we hope to further accelerate the pace of this progress,” Mozilla said in a blog post.

“As with all Firefox features, it will take some time to gain widespread adoption in the Chrome ecosystem, but as we continue to add new features and improvements, we expect the performance gains to become more pronounced.”

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