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The next generation of the iPhone – Newsclip Now Playing ‘Mysterious’ iPhone 7 case reveals ‘a secret device hidden inside’ – News story Now Playing The new iPhone SE has a new design and faster processors – News article Now Play The latest iPhone SE reveals its first design feature: OLED screen Now Playing Here’s what to know about the iPhone XS Max Now Playing Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and the new iPhone – Tech story Now Play Amazon’s Echo and Apple’s HomePod all feature OLED displays Now Playing Apple unveils its next generation Apple Watch, iPhone 8 and iPhone X, but what’s in the device?

Now Playing This is how to use Google Home, Google Assistant and Apple HomePod to control your home devices Now Playing Microsoft unveils the latest version of Windows 10 with an app store and Cortana Now Playing Elon Musk unveils his new SpaceX company, Tesla, in this video Now Playing Google says it will pay up to $10,000 for each of the 10,000 patents Apple uses to patent its inventions Now Playing NASA’s Juno spacecraft has made a close flyby of Jupiter’s moon Europa, and its scientists are celebrating Now Playing How to fix a power outage with an air conditioner Now Playing Meet the new iPad Pro, Apple TV 4 and iPhone 7 – News video Now Play Watch Apple Watch Series 7 arrives in stores on June 2, 2019, and it’s a big step forward for Apple Now Playing Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduces a new video series called “The Most Important Thing.”

Now Playing What you need to know before buying a new computer Now Playing Trump announces $25 million in new investments in companies with human rights abuses Now Playing Uber has a ‘smart car’ to take you to your next destination without your driver Now Playing Who will lead the fight against global warming?

Now Play Google says the new Pixel 2 will be the best-looking smartphone yet.

Now Playing Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 have some big changes coming to the phones Now Playing SpaceX unveils an ambitious new rocket launch pad, but its first launch of a rocket has been postponed Now Playing Disney says it’s coming back with ‘Disney Infinity 3.0’ Now Playing Donald Trump is expected to visit the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. to mark National Day of Science.

Now Play Uber unveils a new app to make it easier for drivers to book rides Now Playing A new type of solar-powered car can power your home or office Now Playing Why the Trump administration has given the Department of Education a $5 billion grant for its ‘Smart Cities’ initiative Now Playing Netflix announced that it is rolling out its own video streaming service, and the company is expanding to a growing number of markets Now Playing Sony and Amazon are launching new digital video services.

Here’s the deal: Now Playing China will allow all citizens to buy iPhones in the country’s largest cities for the first time Now Playing Former Secretary of State John Kerry is the latest to say that the world should be more concerned about climate change Now Playing An Israeli startup plans to start building autonomous drones in 2020 Now Playing Is this the first big-city in America that is being run like a business?

Now Adding a new type to the family, Disney’s new TV show, “The Hub,” is a new way to experience Disney World Now Playing NBC’s Katie Couric’s new show, ”Sisters.”

Watch the full episode of “Sisters” here Now Playing President Donald Trump will deliver a speech today about “the world’s future.”

Now Adding some competition to the pack, Netflix has teamed up with Amazon to offer customers a cheaper way to watch Netflix Now Playing Tesla and SpaceX are building the rocket that will propel its Dragon spacecraft into space Now Playing US regulators are reviewing whether to approve a merger between Tesla and Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX).

Here’s how it all started.

Now Featuring an all-new trailer for Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast,” Disney’s first new animated feature since “Beautiful.”

Now Featuring a new report from The Associated Press on the state of the US economy, including how its workers are struggling to pay their bills.

Now The Associated News is unveiling the results of a study on the U.S. labor market, which the AP calls “the most detailed look yet at the nation’s unemployment rate.”

Now The Wall Street Journal’s Jason Horowitz is reporting on a new lawsuit against Google over its search results, which are considered a “public record.”

Here’s his story.

Now Disney’s upcoming film “A Wrinkle in Time,” starring Emma Stone and Robert Pattinson, will star a female lead.

Now This is a special edition of the Marketplace.

Now With more than 6 million views in three days, Facebook’s “The Messenger” is the most-watched video in the history of Facebook.

Now Facebook’s video service

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