A dishwasher that cleans dishes with a single push of a button has a whole new meaning. 

The company behind the machine, Nexus D, is creating an even more versatile model that includes a built-in, portable air conditioner that turns on when it’s in use and uses energy when the machine’s off.

The design of the oven  was originally designed to clean out the water in the kitchen, and now the company is trying to make a dishwasher with an extra-efficient water-recycling component. 

With a little tweaking, the oven can turn on and off at the touch of a click.

The dishwasher can also be set to automatically clean and sterilize its surfaces when it is not in use, which makes the process more efficient than using the stovetop. 

A dishwasher made with an air-conditioner that’s turned on automatically. 

NxD’s air-free machine has a built in, portable water-cleaning unit, which is turned on when the dishwasher is off. 

“We realized the need for an air conditioning device that could be completely air-purifying,” said NoxD founder and CEO Andrew McGlone.

“That means it can go to the water supply and still work in the hot summer months, but also that when it goes off, the heat is not wasted.” 

To create the oven, the company developed a new technology called the Polar-Polar™ technology.

This technology uses magnetic particles to heat and cool water, which in turn cools the water when it comes into contact with air. 

To make the oven even more efficient, the machine uses a magnetic-based power system that uses electricity to drive the magnetic particles.

The dishwasher will be available later this year, with a retail price of $1,499. 

While the company claims the dishwashing machine is the “world’s most energy-efficient oven,” it’s a step closer to actually making the device.

The company has also developed a version that is more efficient at cooling, but will still need to be designed and tested.

“Our goal is to have an oven that can clean dishes with one push,” McGlones said.

“It is a very unique appliance that we want to make and one that has to be perfect.” 

The dishwashing machine will be powered by a single solar panel, which will be used to charge the electric motor.

A separate battery will also be used in case the oven needs to be switched on and turned off at a later time.

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