RTE 1 The political scene has been rocked by revelations about the involvement of senior officials from the Bharatiya Janata Party in the appointment of a new chief of staff in Delhi, who was also a key member of the BJP.

In addition, an investigation has revealed that two senior leaders of the ruling Aam Aadmi Party have also been linked to the decision.

The revelations have rocked the government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government and are likely to add further uncertainty to the already precarious political situation in the capital.

The chief of the Delhi Police (DSP) and Delhi BJP’s regional secretary have been removed from their posts.

The decision has also come at a time when the BJP is on the offensive against AAP.

On Friday, the party had accused AAP of using the case against AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal as a political weapon.

Kejriwal is facing the trial of his alleged role in the alleged rape and murder of a woman in Delhi’s Gulbarg Society in March. 

The Delhi Police has also ordered an inquiry into the allegations of sexual assault against the DSP and Delhi DGP. 

In a separate development, the police has also initiated a criminal case against the Delhi BJP chief Shri Ananth Kumar for allegedly raping the woman, a case that has already been lodged by the complainant.

The woman, who is a resident of the eastern city of Kolkata, lodged a complaint with the police on December 9 and alleged that Kumar had forcibly kissed her in his office in the office of the DGP on December 11.

The complainant alleged that she was assaulted by Kumar and then raped in his home.

The victim, who has been identified as Akshay, told the police that Kumar raped her on December 15.

Akshary has alleged that he was raped by Kumar on December 16, but on Monday, the DIP confirmed that he had indeed been raped on December 17.

A report on the DDP said that the complainant had also lodged a case of rape on December 19 against Kumar.

The DSP, meanwhile, said that Kumar was removed from his post as chief of police on January 10. 

Ananth Kumar is facing a criminal investigation into the rape of a local girl in Delhi. 

It was also revealed that the Delhi police had also informed the CBI about a case against two senior BJP leaders in connection with the decision to appoint Kumar. 

“We have ordered an investigation into what is happening with the case,” said a senior police officer. 

A Delhi Police officer has also confirmed that two BJP leaders are under investigation for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman, which is a serious charge. 

Police sources said that an FIR was lodged in the case and a case has been registered against the leaders. 

As per the rules, the Delhi DSP must appoint a person with a “good reputation” in the Delhi government to lead the department.

This person will also be an officer of the party and a member of its political committee. 

On Thursday, Delhi Police had issued a notice to the Delhi party saying that the decision of the chief of Delhi Police to remove the two party leaders, including Shri Kumar, was “unconstitutional”. 

The DSP has also announced that it has issued a suspension order against the AAP and BJP leaders.

The AAP, on Friday, tweeted: “We have sent a letter to Delhi DDP demanding a CBI probe into the sexual assault and rape of our women and girls.

The letter has also been sent to Delhi Police”. 

A party spokesperson said that AAP had been “stirring up a debate” over the decision and that it would contest the assembly polls in three districts in the next two weeks. 

While Delhi police is yet to reveal the names of the accused, sources said it had been learnt that two people in the party have been suspended. 

 The party spokesperson has said that both Kejriwal and Kumar had “violated party rules” and they will be punished accordingly. 

Meanwhile, a senior Delhi BJP leader has criticised the Delhi Chief Minister for the suspension order and also criticised the state government for allowing the alleged rapists to stay in their posts for the next four years. 

When asked why Kejriwal had allowed Kumar to remain in his post for the duration of the case, BJP leader and former chief minister of Delhi, Sanjay Singh, said the suspension was due to “political expediency”. 

“The state government did not want to see the perpetrators of rape in charge of the government.

It is also politically expedient for the state to keep these two in power,” he said. 

Former Delhi BJP MLA and former minister of state, Pankaj Singh, also hit out at the AAP leader and Kumar.

“The state is in shock.

There is a big debate going on right now and this is the biggest political scandal of our time.

They should be thrown out,” Singh said.

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