How to get your computer running smoothly on a mobile phone without using an adapter

More than a decade ago, Google’s Larry Page created a computer called the Tic-Tac-Toe that was so large and heavy that it was able to hold only two of the devices in its user-friendly footprint.Its main competitor was Apple’s original Macintosh, which Page called “a big, heavy, ugly beast.”The original Macintosh was a monster, Page said, and Apple was the […]

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Scientists make a rare ‘blazor’ of water using algae

The blazor, also known as a mollusc, is a tiny fish that is one of the most abundant seaweeds on the planet.It’s one of only a few species of seaweeds that can be used in the production of flaxseed oil.But now, Australian researchers are making one of its most unique uses yet.A team from the University of Adelaide have made […]

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