The video game industry has witnessed record-setting growth over the past year.

Video game sales hit a record $4.5 billion last year, according to industry analyst firm NPD.

The growth has been fueled by high demand for the latest game platforms, such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as well as strong demand for VR headsets.

Video games have also been the focus of a surge in smartphone adoption.

As smartphones have become more common in households, more people are able to play video games on their smartphones.

That is making VR a viable option for the industry, and companies such as Facebook, Google, Oculus and HTC are making VR games.

As part of the growth, VR games have become increasingly affordable, with $9.99 Oculus Rift headsets costing about $100.

VR headset maker Oculus is also making more VR games, and is launching several new VR titles this month.

In addition to the strong demand, VR sales also are growing rapidly in mobile and tablet platforms.

In the year to March, mobile video game sales grew at a rate of 21%, according to NPD, and were up 26% from the same time last year.

That growth has resulted in significant sales gains for mobile gaming companies.

The mobile video games market is expected to be the top revenue driver for the next five years, according a new report from IDC.

According to the report, mobile games will generate $8.6 billion in revenues this year.

This represents a 37% increase from the year before.

Mobile gaming companies are expected to continue to grow their revenue in 2018.

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