Updated May 18, 2018 04:29:15 A viral calculator that is a “visual element calculator” for YouTube videos has gone viral, according to users.

The video-calculator, which was released on YouTube by developer Viral Media, uses the YouTube video analytics platform to calculate the visual components of video content.

The tool is available for iOS and Android.

The creator of the tool, Andrew Gee, said the tool will be used by other companies to make videos.

Gee said his app calculates visual elements by adding a “sub-pixel” of content to the image to give it the visual look of a video.

He told the BBC that the tool is a tool that is being used by many “creative companies” to make their videos more appealing.

“It is a very cool tool for the creative industry,” he said.

Greece has seen a surge in popularity of YouTube-related apps over the last year, and Gee said ViralMedia’s app is a product of its time.

“We think that it is the right time to bring this product to the YouTube ecosystem, as the technology is already there, it just needs to be used,” he added.

Gees video-analytics platform has been used by the likes of Netflix, Apple, Google and Facebook to create videos, and has a huge audience on YouTube.

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