In the months leading up to the PlayStation 4 launch, we’ve been keeping our fingers crossed for a PlayStation 4 Pro and a PlayStation VR headset to arrive at retail shelves around the world by the end of the year.

While that’s a pretty high bar to clear, we can’t help but wonder if the PlayStation VR’s specs and build quality are worth the wait.

We’ve been working hard to get our hands on a few Sony PSVR headsets over the last few months, and as such we’ve found that we’re not entirely alone in wondering if the company’s current offerings are worth their weight in gold.

We can’t be the only ones that want a PlayStation Pro and PSVR, so here’s our rundown of what you need to know about the PlayStation Pro, PSVR and PS4 Pro in order to see whether or not they’re worth your hard-earned cash.

We’ll go through each of the three consoles with a little more detail, so read on to find out which one will be the best value for money for gamers, or which one should be your first investment.

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