By the time you read this article, you probably have a good understanding of what components are and how to apply them to your project.

Let’s take a look at the different components that you can choose to use in your React project.

In React, the term “component” is usually used to describe a set of actions that are executed on an element when it’s being rendered.

For example, in a list view, a list component might have a class named list , which would render the list item when clicked.

Similarly, in an action component, an action could be a function that performs a particular action.

When you create a React component, you can also define it using the react-scripts.js module:When you’re in the React project directory, run the following command to create a new React component:Create a new file named component.js and add the following code:Next, run npm init and npm run dev to install the react modules and their dependencies:Finally, run react-bootstrap to create your component:Now, open up a new terminal window and run npm run build to create the component:Then, open your project folder and run the react components command:Now run npm start to create an index.html page.

To build the React components, run:Now you should see something like the following.

If you have problems building the component, try creating a new project:If everything works, open the index.js file and add:Finally you can create the React component using the following npm command:Once you have the component created, open a new tab and open the React Components page.

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