Nordic Components has announced its new tailwind product, the Nordic Components Tailwind, a smart, lightweight, eco-friendly, and energy efficient device for travellers and other users of public transport.

The Tailwind is equipped with an array of smart features to help you keep your cool during your journeys, as well as to help keep your devices and gadgets safe during your travels.

A smart feature is that it can monitor your activities and send notifications about them to the smart assistant system, and the Tailwind can even send notifications to the nearest mobile app for your mobile phone.

The tailwind has been designed with smart technology in mind, and it is equipped to detect when your device is on a power-off state and automatically switch it off.

The smart tailwind is built to withstand up to 100km/h and it has a water resistant, dust and water resistant coating.

It is equipped at the tailwind with a magnetic field to protect it from the elements, and also features a GPS and Bluetooth for connectivity and other devices.

The Tailwind’s smart features include: – a smart phone app to connect with other devices or applications on the device and make notifications about your activities.

– a tail wind sensor to detect whether your device has a tail on it and to automatically switch the device off.

– an LED that can be programmed to show a yellow or red light if the tail wind is detected, which tells you whether the tail is active.

– sensors to monitor the temperature and humidity of the air in your car.

– Bluetooth and GPS for connectivity.

– smart notifications to inform you of any changes in your location.

The Nordic team said that the TailWind is equipped for the following use scenarios: – travelling in public transport, for example on the train or bus.

– travelling on the highway, in the dark or in an emergency.

– people who do not require a tail-wind.

The new Tailwind comes with a battery pack and a water-resistant cover.

The Nordic team said in a press release that its Tailwind will be available for purchase from November 1, 2019, at a retail price of ₹199 (about $180).

The TailWind will be in production for a year, and will be manufactured at a factory in Nagpur, India.

The company also said that it plans to launch an open beta of the Tailwind for the public soon.

The beta test of the new Tailwinthe Tailwind could be conducted on November 3, 2019.

The Nordic Tailwind has a maximum battery capacity of 2,000mAh.

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