Posted October 27, 2018 09:01:59 You want to help your kids live a healthy lifestyle, but you can’t afford to buy everything they need.

You want to give them a break from the busy schedules and busy lives of the day, but don’t know how to design a comprehensive wellness plan to get them there.

Or, you want to provide them with a bit of a boost in energy but don,t know how you’re going to get there.

You can’t blame the parents for being a bit clueless.

Many parents have their own challenges with kids.

And with their busy schedules, kids are constantly checking in with their parents about how well they’re doing.

But a few simple tips will help you get started on a comprehensive plan that will help your children live a better life.


Make a list of all the things your kids need to eat or drink to keep them healthy.

If you’re worried about your kids overeating, they can always check in on their own.

Ask them to do something you think they might enjoy.

For example, if they’re hungry they can try a snack.

They might enjoy ice cream or a bag of cereal, but they’ll probably eat a lot more if they get to go to the supermarket or go out for a walk.


Make an appointment with a personal trainer.

Instead of going to the gym to gain a little weight or do a bodybuilding workout, ask your child to do some exercise and get some help with their daily schedule.

Then, they’ll be able to focus on their health more.


Talk to your child about his or her symptoms.

Once your child has developed some symptoms, ask them to go on a personal medical assessment.

The more detailed the symptoms, the more likely you’re to see a specialist.


Create a personal wellness plan for each day.

Make sure to include some of the following things: a healthy food plan (including healthy snacks, healthy drinks and healthy foods to eat and a healthy diet); a healthy sleep schedule (at least 6 hours of sleep a night); and a fitness program (running, biking or swimming).


Find a way to give your child a break.

Find a way for your child’s busy schedule to stop at any time and you’ll have a healthy environment.


Create an action plan to manage your kids symptoms.

For example: your child might not have been getting enough sleep and may not be getting enough exercise, or he might be spending too much time on Facebook or social media.


Set an alarm clock to make sure your kids are awake at least 8 hours a day.

If your kids aren’t doing as well as they should, it’s a good idea to take some time off work or school to spend some time with them.


Have your child keep a record of any changes they make.

It’s important to have a record that you can look back on and say ‘oh that was so wrong.

I should have done that’.


Don’t just get them off work to go out and do some activities.

Take your kids to the park, play on the beach or even go on holiday to get out of the house and take some relaxing time.


Take your child with you to a local fitness centre, or get them to a gym to exercise.


Have them wear a fitness suit.


Give them a fitness belt to wear.


Give your child some healthy snacks.


Give the kids a little extra time to get their weight up. 15.

Make sure they get some exercise in between their activities.


Take them out for lunch and dinner.


Give their parents some support and get them a massage.


Have their parents give them some exercise on the weekends.


Have a special exercise buddy at home or on the phone.


Have some healthy sweets on hand.


Give a birthday party for your kids, or have some kids invite friends over.


Have children pick out some clothes for you and your family to wear for a special occasion.


Have parents and children make a special day of it. 24.

Have kids wear special clothes for the occasion.

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