By MARK STERLINGPublished Apr 08, 2019 06:55:51With the release of a new book about the so-called “War of The Worlds” phenomenon, I was struck by its similarities to my own experience in the 1960s.

In both cases, the phenomenon involved people waking up to a terrifying and frightening news and finding themselves on the verge of total panic.

I remember waking up at 5 a.m. on one occasion in the middle of a night and the fear that I had caused my wife.

On the other hand, my daughter and I were in our first year at college when the news came through.

My wife and I had just arrived in our hometown and we had just received the news that the weather was going to be bad.

The news was that a tornado had struck our town.

It had been a fairly severe storm and there were huge swaths of forest torn up by trees.

My daughter was at home at the time and was very excited about the tornado.

She told me that we should get her and her friends out of the house and we should go to the park.

We thought we should be careful not to scare her.

We had just been to the grocery store.

But, of course, I did not have my own car.

I did not really understand the panic that had set in.

My daughter was a very bright girl and she was very bright.

She was the first person I had ever told about the “War Of The Worlds,” so I was in disbelief and very, very scared.

I knew that it was the tornado that had torn down the town.

But I had never seen the tornado in person.

I had only seen pictures of it on television.

So I had not heard about this phenomenon until now.

It was a shock to me to find out that there was this “war” going on and to know that people were actually afraid of it.

So, I began to look at the story that had happened and I started to understand what people were afraid of.

My understanding of the War Of The World grew.

I began reading about it.

My understanding of what the media had been saying about the phenomena also grew.

So, I started writing about the War of The World and it has really helped me in my own life.

I started writing a book about it because I was not really ready to talk about it, but then I decided to start writing.

My mother had died in 1974.

She had been the one who first told me about the phenomenon.

She said, “You have to talk to your mother about this, because she may tell you something.”

I was like, “What?

No, she doesn’t know.”

I wanted to get her to talk and so I began writing a biography.

I started reading and I began researching it and I found out that my mother had a very, I don’t know, schizophrenic husband and a schizophrenic sister.

So my mother was not only very, extremely ill, but also a very sad person.

I was very, extraordinarily depressed.

I was a pretty normal young man in those days.

I grew up with my parents in a very traditional family.

My father worked as a coal miner and my mother worked in a shoe store.

I got my first job as a busboy at 7 or 8 years old.

My parents, my brother and my sister were very good to me.

They were my family.

And they were very, incredibly, very kind to me, too.

I knew that my father was schizophrenic.

I did know that my brother had a personality disorder and that he had schizophrenia.

My brother was a bit of a goofball.

He was very happy and was not terribly socially sensitive.

He liked to do what he liked.

But he was very sadistic and he loved to make trouble.

My sister had a similar personality disorder, which was probably very similar to my father’s.

And so, I became a bit obsessed with my sister and with the story of her.

I loved it and it was my life.

My first book on the phenomenon was called “The War Of Three Worlds.”

And I began with a story that I thought was very good.

I thought it was a really, really good story.

I think that story was a little bit over the top.

But the reason I loved that story is because it made a very profound statement about what the mind can do.

My book was very specific about the subject.

I went back to it many times and I came to understand that it is not that different from the stories I have heard about other people who have had their minds altered by a person with schizophrenia.

The reason I was attracted to the subject of schizophrenia is because the idea of the mind being altered is very disturbing.

So it is very difficult for people to have a rational mind and to understand the nature of the universe.

And if a person has schizophrenia, then it is even more difficult for them to have the ability to make rational choices and to make decisions

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