An international auction has been set up for electronic components that have been used in electronic and energy buildings.

Key points:Electrical components including the duct system components are auctioned for a total of $5 million in a major global online auctionElectrical component manufacturer Electrolux has bid for electronic component supplier Tuggo for an auction in New ZealandElectrical Component Supply Co. (ECSC) has bid to auction electronic components from JapanElectrical Systems Inc (ESI) has bought a 1-kilometre-long duct system from Japanese company Mitsubishi Electric.

Electrical Components International is a global online bidding platform that allows buyers to bid on electronic components.

The auction has attracted more than $5.4 million of bids.

The bid was submitted on Friday afternoon, the company said in a statement.

Electronic Components International managing director Rob Moore said in the statement that a successful auction for the duct systems could generate significant revenue for the company.

The company’s Australian branch is also participating in the auction.

Mr Moore said that ECSC was the first to enter into the online auction in the country, with Mitsuboshi Electric and Tugdo bidding for duct systems from other manufacturers.

Electronics supplier Tugsgo has already received a number of bids from buyers.

Electrolux said it is not aware of any other auctions on the international market for its electronic components, but said the auction was unique in that it was the only one in which the winning bidder could bid on the company’s entire electronic components business.

“Electrical systems are one of the most significant elements of the electronic architecture and, therefore, it was critical for us to be able to bid in an auction on this particular component,” Mr Moore said.

“The successful bidder will receive a full supply of the product and will be able directly sell this product to another bidder in the future.”

Electrical suppliers such as Electrolux, Mitsubushi Electric, and Mitsuboshima Electric are all members of Electrolux International, a global consortium of global companies.

Electrification was one of Mr Moore’s key areas of expertise.

He said it was an area where his company had experience, as the company had previously been involved in electric vehicle electrification projects in Australia.

Mr Macquarie said the consortium of companies was seeking to increase supply of electronic components for the electrical systems.

“We are very excited by the opportunity to be a part of this international auction and are looking forward to participating in this auction with the consortium,” Mr Macquarrie said.

Electrics that have also been used by the Australian Government for some yearsElectrical electrical systems used by Australian Government buildings have been auctioned off in Australia, with a number being acquired in the past.

The auctions were originally set up in the 1990s to help pay for building maintenance, but were expanded into a wider market.

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