Microsoft is bringing battery components of its popular web browser into the next version of its Edge browser, the company announced on Tuesday.

The update, which is available now on Microsoft Edge, adds the ability to disable the Edge’s built-in browser, but also adds the battery component to the browser.

Edge now offers the battery feature in a new tab menu.

“We are making the update to add Battery to Edge,” Microsoft’s Mark Cerny wrote in a blog post on Tuesday that also included a picture of the new battery-included tab menu on Edge.

“You will need to enable Battery to be able to access it in your browser.”

The battery option is currently disabled by default in Edge.

The company added that it is working on an update for Edge that will add battery-related features, including battery management and the ability for Edge to detect when it is being used as a battery and turn off it.

“It’s a huge win for users, developers and the web ecosystem,” Mark Ceny, the chief technology officer at Microsoft, wrote in the blog post.

“Battery is an essential component in any modern browser.”

Ceny’s post, which was first spotted by Engadget, comes as the Internet giant is increasingly focused on the power of the cloud, and the rise of mobile computing.

Microsoft’s Cortana assistant on Windows 10 and the upcoming Cortana assistant for iOS and Android are among the devices that can interact with Microsoft’s cloud services.

Cenier wrote that the battery-saving feature will not be available in all versions of Edge.

The only version currently running on Windows 8.1 and Windows 8, Edge 10, has the battery management feature enabled by default.

Microsoft said the battery improvements will be rolling out in phases.

For now, the updates will be rolled out to existing Edge users.

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