How to use a garage door component in React to make it easier to build a simple house

A garage door, or garage door components, are simple building blocks that you can use to build any type of building or home out of.They’re a great way to quickly get your feet wet in React and give you some insight into the architecture of React.The core concept is that you’ll put together a component to handle the logic of […]

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When a company gets rid of a key component, it can use it to build an entirely new product

A company that builds its products using a key product component can do so with a lot less hassle.That’s the case with Abacus, which has a $10,000 loan from a startup that wants to build a “super computer.”The Abacus project is the brainchild of Andrew Dickson, a former CEO of the Boston-based software firm CodePlex, and Josh M. Johnson, a […]

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