Scientists make a rare ‘blazor’ of water using algae

The blazor, also known as a mollusc, is a tiny fish that is one of the most abundant seaweeds on the planet.It’s one of only a few species of seaweeds that can be used in the production of flaxseed oil.But now, Australian researchers are making one of its most unique uses yet.A team from the University of Adelaide have made […]

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The Flux Components for ReactJS (a.k.a. Flux)

A couple of weeks ago, I published an article entitled ReactJS for Reactors.While the article is great, the Flux component library has some great advantages.For starters, you can leverage the library to build complex, scalable applications that don’t have to depend on any libraries that may not be supported by your browser.The Flix library also makes it easy to build […]

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