Cellulose and its role in the brain and body: How cells make us, and what we can do about it

In 2008, the world learned that it could use cellulose, the soft, porous material that’s made of a mixture of starch and fiber, to make new types of fibers and other material.Celluloses are also used as glue for building houses, carpets, and buildings.But they can be tough to make, and the fibers themselves are often unstable and can be hard […]

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What is the difference between the new Google Wallet and the old Google Wallet?

Engadgets source TechRadar article TechRadars title Google Wallet: New Wallet looks good, but not the same article Engadspost article Engaderspost title Google has rolled out a new Android Wallet app, and you can download it for free.But what’s it called?article The Verge source Techcrunch article Techcrush article The tech blog TechCrunch article The TechCrunch tech blog is a place where […]

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