How to create an app that uses React to connect components

An app built with React and Redux is now available for download on the App Store.The App Store link will take you to the developer’s website where you can install the app and start working on it.The app is called React-styled-component, and it uses Redux as its data store.This allows you to easily add components to your app using the […]

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How to create a game engine that can run on the Windows Phone platform

Microsoft has released a new video detailing the creation of a game that runs on Windows Phone.In the video, the team at Microsoft describes how they created a new engine called the “Game Engine for Windows Phone,” which uses Unity.This is a free, open source game engine designed for mobile games and is the basis for the upcoming release of […]

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How to Design and Build Your Own Battery Component Source MTV News

The process of designing and building battery components takes a lot of time, so to make sure that your battery component is a perfect fit for your project, you need to understand the most important aspects of battery construction, according to the company.Here are the five things to know about battery construction and the steps you can take to create […]

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