You can’t write React components without them

By now, you’ve probably heard of React components.But what about the ones you don’t?Or don’t know how to write?That’s where the CoffeeScript community comes in.While the CoffeeStorm community is based around CoffeeScript, it has its own language, and has been created by the developers themselves.You can learn more about the CoffeeScream language here, but in short, it’s a JavaScript/Javascript hybrid […]

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How to build an expressive interface for React components

By Mark Thompson | 11/03/16 08:16:26 React’s “component separation” feature has gained widespread adoption as a means of building rich and flexible interfaces for the React ecosystem.While this can be a powerful tool to enable a variety of developer experiences, it has also been criticized for making it harder to build complex components.This article walks through the design and architecture […]

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