Lightning Component library for React component loading

React components are the backbone of the modern web, and we’re seeing more and more libraries come out to support them.But while you can create libraries that make sense for your project’s architecture, you need to know how to make your code better.We’ll show you how to load a few libraries to get you started.We start with a few of […]

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Conservative party wins big in Alabama’s gubernatorial race

Alabama Republican Gov.Kay Ivey has won a closely watched race for the U.S. Senate.Democratic Rep. John Lewis has secured the support of a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) super PAC.The winner, state Auditor John Swearingen, will serve a second two-year term.The Republican win is likely to spark further debate in Washington over whether the GOP’s current legislative agenda has achieved […]

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‘Stereophile’ panelists review new ‘Stereo’ audio devices

When the Stereophile Awards began, the award for the year’s best audio device went to the Sony Echo Dot, the world’s most expensive audio device.The Echo Dot is one of the world first stereo headphones, but for many years it was a niche product with only a few hundred sold.The company is now building a brand new line of stereo […]

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