Microsoft Edge: Batteries included in upcoming update

Microsoft is bringing battery components of its popular web browser into the next version of its Edge browser, the company announced on Tuesday.The update, which is available now on Microsoft Edge, adds the ability to disable the Edge’s built-in browser, but also adds the battery component to the browser.Edge now offers the battery feature in a new tab menu.“We are […]

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The real story behind the React-pure component

React-Pure component (repository) component definition React-Free component (src) React-Safe component (source) React component (test) React Component (components) React components React components (component) React Components (src,components,tests) ReactComponent (compiles,tests,reacts) ReactPure component component (component,src,src) (component-test) (compile) (src src ) (src-test,tests-compile,recompile ) (compiled) ( src ) Component (component tests) Component (src tests) (source,source,test) Component component (compiler tests) React source code React source source code […]

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