Why do we need toilets in a modern office?

There are some obvious downsides to toilets in modern offices, such as the lack of space, and there are other problems.The big problem with toilets in an office is that they’re not practical, and often not very good for the environment.But they’re also not practical because they’re just a piece of equipment that doesn’t actually do anything.They’re just there to […]

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When Google decides to pull off the Biggest Hack Ever – The Biggest hack ever?

by David Pogue, News Editor”Google is a company with a big agenda and we will fight them tooth and nail to protect it,” said the former chief executive of Microsoft who now heads a new company, Alphabet, which also aims to build the internet.Google was founded in 1998 as a search engine for web pages, and has gone on to […]

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Apple’s ‘Apple TV’ will cost as much as $1,200, and the next-generation Apple TV will cost $1.2 million (with a $100 discount)

A video from CES 2017 gives an idea of what Apple TV could look like if the new TV is more like the old Apple TV.It has the same basic specs, but a bigger screen, a smaller form factor and an OLED panel.The new Apple TV has the screen size of an iPhone 5, and is about 1 inch larger.The […]

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