How to get your computer running smoothly on a mobile phone without using an adapter

More than a decade ago, Google’s Larry Page created a computer called the Tic-Tac-Toe that was so large and heavy that it was able to hold only two of the devices in its user-friendly footprint.Its main competitor was Apple’s original Macintosh, which Page called “a big, heavy, ugly beast.”The original Macintosh was a monster, Page said, and Apple was the […]

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How to Make the Perfect Home Wallpaper

Now Playing: The next evolution of the iconic iPhone, a 3D-printed phone with a glass back – News clip Now Playing …The next generation of the iPhone – Newsclip Now Playing ‘Mysterious’ iPhone 7 case reveals ‘a secret device hidden inside’ – News story Now Playing The new iPhone SE has a new design and faster processors – News article […]

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