Shimano’s light-up wheels make it faster, lighter, cheaper

By Matt L. Hickey | Staff reporterThe light-speed gearbox in Shimano bicycles is one of the most important features of the bicycle, but its performance and reliability is rarely well understood.That is partly because the gearbox itself is usually not that much more complex than the rest of the bike, but partly because of how it’s used.Shifters, cables, pulleys and […]

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Why is your house making noise?

By now, we’re well-versed in the story of the $15 billion solar plant in Georgia, the $40 billion wind farm in New Jersey, and the $200 billion solar project in California.But a new report from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) reveals that the power grid is doing something that’s not always apparent: The power grid in the […]

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How to replace your existing battery pack in your car

Salesforce is getting into the battery pack game.Its first electric vehicle, the Tesla Model S, has a battery pack that can be charged from the battery.But its battery pack can only deliver a certain amount of energy, and that’s not enough for all of Tesla’s Model S’s electric motors.Salesforce has released a new battery pack for the Model S. It’s […]

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