How to make the perfect glass dishwasher

A dishwasher that cleans dishes with a single push of a button has a whole new meaning. The company behind the machine, Nexus D, is creating an even more versatile model that includes a built-in, portable air conditioner that turns on when it’s in use and uses energy when the machine’s off.The design of the oven  was originally designed to clean out the water […]

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How to learn about motherboard components

A list of components of culture.This is an interesting read in that it helps us understand the different parts of the motherboard and what they do.It also offers some insight into the history of the hardware itself and how the various parts have changed over time.As you can see, the motherboard itself has always been a big part of the […]

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Why is my computer looking like this?

I’ve always been a fan of the Raspberry Pi, and now I’ve been introduced to a computer which has a similar design to my Raspberry Pi.In the UK, there are plenty of cheap knock-off computer boards out there, so when I was browsing for cheap Raspberry Pi computers, I came across this Raspberry Pi 3 model.The price was right, but […]

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