Shimano’s light-up wheels make it faster, lighter, cheaper

By Matt L. Hickey | Staff reporterThe light-speed gearbox in Shimano bicycles is one of the most important features of the bicycle, but its performance and reliability is rarely well understood.That is partly because the gearbox itself is usually not that much more complex than the rest of the bike, but partly because of how it’s used.Shifters, cables, pulleys and […]

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Shimano components hit $5,000 mark in Japan

Shimano has reported a record-breaking profit for the year, but the company is also hoping to cash in on the global popularity of its consumer-friendly Shimano 105 speed derailleurs.The Japanese company announced Friday it had made a profit of 5,000 yen ($4,600) for the three months ended March 31, up 9% from a year ago.That is up from 5,100 yen […]

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