How to Calculate a Crosswind Component Calculator

source The Ledger article title How To Calculate A Crosswind Particle Calculator article article source Ledger Nano S article title The Ledgers Nano S Specs article source CNET article title Ledger Pro: A 4.8″ Smartphone for Smart People article source TechRadar article title Why you should buy a Ledger instead of a Ledgie article source MacRumors article title 8 ways […]

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‘Stereophile’ panelists review new ‘Stereo’ audio devices

When the Stereophile Awards began, the award for the year’s best audio device went to the Sony Echo Dot, the world’s most expensive audio device.The Echo Dot is one of the world first stereo headphones, but for many years it was a niche product with only a few hundred sold.The company is now building a brand new line of stereo […]

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Stereophile: How to save your audio gear

With your music collection now at the forefront of your mind, how can you preserve it without sacrificing quality?Here are some simple steps you can take to ensure that your audio equipment is still as capable as it was when you bought it. 1.Save the best components first.The best components will always come from the most expensive.For example, a set […]

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